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Pay Premium

  • Pay your insurance renewal online as the last page details in the notice. 

  • Contact your NZ Insure agent to submit a payment via Credit Card. 

  • For General Insurance, please complete the Direct Debit form if you would like to pay premiums by instalments directly to AMP/Vero.

Insurance Policy Review

We always meet people. Please contact your NZ Insure agent or call us to make a annual review appointment. This is one of our key service to be sure you are fully covered up to date. 

Please contact your NZ Insure agent or call us to lodge a new claim in minutes. 

This means we can support you through the claims process, and help make this tough time as easy as possible for you.


Please complete the correct claim forms to process your claim quickly and efficiently.

House & Contents Claim Form // Business Claim Form // Vehicle Claim Form

Start a New Claim


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